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Writing Portfolios

At the Writing Center, we see the tremendous diversity of writing tasks students perform from day to day and week to week, and we respect the work that faculty members do to help students reflect upon and integrate everything they learn from all this writing. That's one reason we support faculty and students in creating portfolios.

In creating portfolios, student select, revise, and reflect upon examples of their work. Many students find that the portfolio process makes them more aware of what they have learned and more ready to apply and build upon their learning in the future. And many faculty find that portfolios give them more context for better assessment.

Electronic portfolios, which are simply portfolios that are placed online, give students new opportunities to creatively arrange and visually augment their written works and to share them easily with faculty members and sometimes other audiences. As students approach graduation, electronic portfolios created for academic purposes can be converted into career portfolios, showcasing the students' skills for potential employers.

EPortfolios have become a successful assessment tool in many classes and academic programs, in many disciplines. At St. Mary's, ePortfolios have been used

  • in English 101 and English 102, our introductory writing courses, to help students learn to think of writing as a process.
  • in Educational Studies as multimedia evidence of teaching experience and expertise.
  • by the First Year Seminars to assess improvement and proficiency in liberal arts skills among first year students as a group.
  • by the Nitze Scholars to demonstrate leadership and academic excellence.
  • by business executives from the Shanghai Conference to learn conversational English and document their progress through journaling
  • in Physics 103 to showcase research.


Interested in reading more about portfolios (especially electronic portfolios)? The National Coalition for Electronic Portfolio Research has prepared a bibliography.