The Boyden Gallery

World Views: The Photographer as Visual Author

January 15 - February 20, 2014


Bill Crandall, The Waiting Room

Gabriela Bulisova

Bill Crandall

Hector Emanuel

Robert Knoth

Michael Robinson Chavez

The photographers represented in World Views – The Photographer as Visual Author are guided by personal vision and aesthetics. Through photographs, they narrate stories of incarceration, dictatorship, violent conflict, nuclear disaster, and revolution. Their humanistic stories are of real people and real places, and their allegiance is to reporting and giving voice to the voiceless, whether in Japan, Egypt, Colombia, Belarus, or the United States. Writing with light, the visual authors in World Views deliver stories that go beyond the fast- changing news headlines, stories that require time, commitment, passion, and often a personal sacrifice.

Bulisova, Crandall, Emanuel, Knoth and Robinson Chavez are members of Metro Collective, an international coalition of independent photographers dedicated to socially concerned documentary photography. 

World Views: The Photographer as Visual Author is co-sponsored by The Center for the Study of Democracy, The Department of Art and Art History and supported by an operation grant from the Maryland State Arts Council

GALLERY TALKS - Boyden Gallery

Tuesday, January 28 4:30 - 5:30pm 

 Photographer, Robert Knoth and Tim Aubry of Greenpeace Discuss their collaboration on Fukushima: The Shadowlands Project 

"The Fukushima nuclear disaster is having a dramatic impact on the environment and the lives of the people from a wide area around the nuclear plant...We sought to document this through landscape and portrait photography, as well as interviews with people from the affected region – some of whom may never be able to return to their homes. What we found was a profound sense of loss." - Robert Knoth

Tuesday, January 28 6:00 - 7:00pm

 Michael Robinson Chavez, award-winning photographer for the Los Angeles Times,
discusses his series on the Fall of Mubarak in Egypt and his role as a photojournalist
documenting the Arab Spring. 

Wednesday, January 29 4:45 - 6:00pm (cancelled, college closed for inclement weather)

Panel Discussion - Gabriela Bulisova, Bill Crandall, Hector Emanuel, Robert Knoth and Michael Robinson Chavez

Thursday, February 13 6:00 - 7:00pm

Photographer Gabriela Bulisova and Lashawna Etheridge-Bey present their collaborative multimedia project, Time Zone

Time Zone follows Lashawna Etheridge-Bey, a 39-year-old resident of Washington, DC, who spent half of her life in prison for a double murder and was paroled in December 2011. The project focuses on Lashawna's personal transformation while in prison, her difficult yet highly successful reentry into society, and the conflicts that remain within herself and with family members.