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Jane Yowaiski papers

Photos (l-r):
Jane Yowaiski, celebrating President Obama's
victory in a parade (MSS 026 Box 5 Folder 11)

Donkey purse, worn on Election Day

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Summary Information
Biographical/Historical note
Scope and Contents note
Administrative Information
Collection Inventory
Southern Maryland United Democratic Women's Club
Maryland United Democratic Women's Club
Maryland 350th Anniversary
St. Mary's County Women's Democratic Club
St. Mary's County Democratic Club
Maryland Heritage
Oversize Political Posters

Summary Information

St. Mary's College of Maryland Archives
Jane Yowaiski papers
2.5 Linearfeet (5 boxes)
An assortment of papers and records associated with Jane Yowaiski, a prominent and active member of the Democratic Party in St. Mary's County. Document types include various correspondences, meeting minutes, newsletters, photographs, and newspaper clippings.

Preferred Citation note

[item description], MSS 026 Jane Yowaiski Papers, Box [number] Folder [number], St. Mary's College of Maryland Archives.

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Biographical/Historical note

Jane Yowaiski as an ardent supporter of the Democratic Party and worked to promote its mission and its candidates in St. Mary's County. She was a member of several Democratic organizations including the St. Mary's Women's Democratic Club, the St. Mary's Democratic Club, the Maryland United Democratic Women's Club, and the Southern Maryland Group of the United Democratic Women's Club. She served as President of the St. Mary's Democratic Club twice, first from 1972 to 1973 in the organization's first year of operation, and again from 1982 to 1983. She was awarded the Democrat of the Year for St. Mary's County award in 2004 by the same organization. She was very involved in campaigning for Democratic candidates and her papers reveal a great deal of correspondence to Maryland governors, Congressional Senators and Representatives, and a number of St. Mary's County politicians.

Her involvement in politics is perhaps best exemplified by her attendance at every presidential inaugural from Franklin Roosevelt to Barack Obama. The Jane Yowaiski papers give little information relating to her personal life apart from her political activities.

Oral History Interviews from 1987 and 1998 are availble on the college's SlackWater Oral History Collection website:
Jane Yowaiski 1987 interview
Jane Yowaiski 1998 interview

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Scope and Contents note

Collection of materials associated with Jane Yowaiski, a prominent and active member of the Democratic Party in St. Mary's County. The collection contains meeting minutes and newsletters from both the Maryland United Democratic Women's Club (UDWC) and the Southern Maryland Group of the UDWC; a number of planning materials and correspondence related to the St. Mary's County 350th Anniversary Committee in 1984; correspondence and other materials related to the activities of the St. Mary's County Democratic Women's Club which operated from 1962-1971; correspondence, newsletters, and other materials for the St. Mar's County Democratic Club which Yowaiski was twice President of and was born out of the St. Mary's County Democratic Women's Club; correspondence and election materials relating to a number of both state and county politicians; newspaper clippings and other random documents related to miscellaneous elements of county heritage; and personal documents including pictures albums, a portrait, and materials related to the Hillary Clinton Fan Club.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

St. Mary's College of Maryland Archives 2014

Conditions Governing Access note

Collection is open without restriction.

Immediate Source of Acquisition note

Donated by William Yowaiski, the son of Jane Yowaiski, in September of 2014 (2014.09).

Processing Information note

The Jane Yowaiski's papers were processed by Carson Fehner ‘2016 over the course of the Fall 2014 semester at St. Mary's College of Maryland as part of the Professional Fellowship Program (PFP). Much of the collection was already processed and the original order was preserved.

For the United Democratic Women's Club materials, most of the documents were meeting minutes and related documents and this series was organized by year. The documents for the Democratic Club of St. Mary's County though showed a much broader range of documents and topics and were organized according to subject. Each politician that Yowaiski had contact with received their own folder in the politicians section. The heritage and personal sections serve as a conglomeration of various documents and photographs she had and vary widely in subject ranging from the Hillary Clinton Fan Club to miscellaneous St. Mary's County history documents.

Collection Processed by

Carson Fehner, 2014

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Collection Inventory

Southern Maryland United Democratic Women's Club 1971-2008 

Box Folder

Meeting Minutes and Related Documents 1971-1977 

1 1

Meeting Minutes and Related Documents 1978-1983 

1 2

Meeting Minutes and Related Documents 1984-1987, 1989-1991, 1999 

1 3

Meeting Minutes and Related Documents 2000-2008 

1 4

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Maryland United Democratic Women's Club 1964-2007 

Box Folder

Meeting Minutes and Related Documents 1964-1969 

1 5

Meeting Minutes and Related Documents 1970-1974 

1 6

Meeting Minutes and Related Documents 1975-1979 

1 7

Meeting Minutes and Related Documents 1980-1984 

1 8

Meeting Minutes and Related Documents 1985-1989 

1 9

Meeting Minutes and Related Documents 1999-2002 

1 10

Meeting Minutes and Related Documents 2003-2006 

1 11

Meeting Minutes and Related Documents 2007 

1 12

Misc. Leadership Files 

1 13

State Conventions 1999-2005 

1 14

Club History 

1 15

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Maryland 350th Anniversary 1982-1984 

Box Folder

MD. 350th Committee 1983 

2 1

SMC 350th Committee; Members 1983 

2 2

SMC 350th Committee; Meeting Minutes and Newsletters 1982-1983 

2 3

SMC 350th Committee; Education Committee 

2 4

SMC 350th Committee; SMC Schools 

2 5

SMC 350th Committee; 4th District Planning Group 

2 6

SMC 350th Committee; Misc. Correspondence 

2 7

Rep. Roy Dyson Congressional Speech 

2 8

350th Anniversary Calendar 1983-1984 

2 9

350th Anniversary Handbook 1984 

2 10

Margaret Brent: "Vote and Voice" 1984 

2 11

Maryland Tercentenary Materials 

2 12

Misc. 350th Anniversary Materials 

2 13

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St. Mary's County Women's Democratic Club 1962-1971 

Box Folder

J. Frank Raley Correspondence 1965-1966 

2 14

Hatch Act 

2 15

Maryland Constitutional Convention 

2 16

Voter Registration 

2 17


2 18

Thank You and Congratulations Notes 1964-1971 

2 19

Misc. Correspondence 1964-1971 

2 20

Membership and Attendance 1962-1970 

2 21

Meeting Notices and Minutes 1962-1971 

2 22

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St. Mary's County Democratic Club 1973-2008 

Box Folder

Installation of Officers 1973-1983 

3 1

Members 1971-1983 

3 2

Brief Histories 

3 3

Democratic Central Committee 1973-2005 

3 4

Constitution and By Laws 1981, 1991, 1999 

3 5

Misc. Correspondence 1972-1983 

3 6

Visit to the Capitol 1981 

3 7

350th Anniversary Celebration 1983 

3 8

Democrat of the Year Banquet 1981-2007 

3 9

Newsletters 1981-1985 

3 10

Newsletters 1986-1991 

3 11

The Party Line Newsletter 1997-1999 

3 12

The Party Line Newsletter 2000-2002 

3 13

The Party Line Newsletter 2005-2008 

3 14

The Party Line Newsletter 2003-2004 

3 15

Meeting Minutes 1999-2008 

3 16

Financial Statements 1999-2008 

3 17

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Politicians 1956-2007 

Box Folder

Aud, George 1982, 1986 

4 1

Bohanan, John 1982, 2006 

4 2

Briscoe, John Hanson 1976, 1978 

4 3

Brown, Anthony 2007 

4 4

Dyson, Roy 1981-2006 

Scope and Contents note

This folder contains a number of promotional materials for Dyson's Congressional bid, a newspaper article about his election, documents relating to his swearing in at the Botanical Gardens, and personal, mostly thank you, correspondence between him and Yowaiski.

4 5

Hoyer, Steny 

4 6

Hughes, Harry 1976-1983 

4 7

Mandel, Marvin 1973-1977 

Scope and Contents note

This folder contains a number of personal, mostly thank you, correspondence between Yowaiski and Mandel, as well as a number of articles relating to Mandel's second wife and his corruption trial. In addition to this, there are many pictures from Mandel events that Yowaiski attended including pictures of the two of them together.

4 8

O'Malley, Martin 2000-2007 

4 9

Raley Jr, J. Frank 1962 

4 10

Sarbanes, Paul 1977-2006 

4 11

Tawes, J. Millard 1957 

4 12

Misc. Letters 1956-2007 

4 13

Misc. Candidate Flyers 

4 14

Election Returns 1958-2004 

Scope and Contents note

This folder contains newspaper clippings with election results from the 1958 Primary, the 1966 Primary, the 1974 General, the 1976 Primary, the 1982 Primary, the 1984 General, the 1986 Primary, the 1988 Primary and General, the 1990 Primary, the 1992 Primary and General, the 1994 Primary and General, the 1996 Primary and General, the 1998 Primary and General, the 2000 Primary and General, the 2002 Primary and General, and the 2004 Primary and General Elections.

4 15

Bumper Stickers 

4 16

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Maryland Heritage 

Box Folder

Misc. St. Mary's County Heritage 

5 1

Sotterley Brochure 

St. Ignatius Day July 29, 1984 

Chaptico Hundred Day September 12, 1987 

Land Deed for Our Lady of the Wayside Church in Chaptico December 2, 1912 

List of Historical Places in Chaptico undated 

St. Mary's Beacon: "Chaptico, The Little Town With a Huge Past" January 15, 1982 

Bicentennial of the Treaty of Paris 1984 

5 2

The Enterprise: A Century of Memories 1983 

5 3

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Personal 1966-2004 

Box Folder

Trip to Plains, Georgia (Jimmy Carter's Hometown) 1976-1977 

5 4

Hillary Clinton Fan Club 

5 5

The White House 1996-2000 

5 6

Presidential Inaugural 1993 1993 

5 7

Awards and Certificates 1970-1996 

5 8

Donna Brazile Lecture 2006 2006 

5 9

McGovern Canvassing Kit 1972 

5 10

Misc. Photographs 

5 11

Misc. Correspondence 

5 12

Misc. News Clippings 1966-2004 

5 13

Legislation for the Thomas Johnson Bridge 1966 

Roy Dyson criticizes Ehrlich for new fees June 16, 2004 

Jane Yowaiski accepts a gavel from Roy Dyson 1982 

The Inauguration of George W. Bush January 21, 2001 

Franklin Roosevelt 100th Birthday Celebration by the St. Mary's County Democratic Club 1982 

Politicians going over votes September 20, 1978 

Meeting of the Southern Maryland United Democratic Women's Club 1983 

Misc. Speeches 

5 14


5 15

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Oversize Political Posters 


Reelect George R. Aud, President of County Commissioners 

Congressman Long, 2nd Congressional District 

Congressman Barnes, 8th Congressional District 

Congressman Mitchell, 7th Congressional District 

Congresswoman Byron, 6th Congressional District 

Congressman [Steny] Hoyer, 5th Congressional District 

Congresswoman [Barbara] Mikulski, 3rd Congressional District 

Congressman [Roy] Dyson, 1st Congressional District 

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