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Collection on the Susquehanna estate, Carroll family, and Rousby family

Susquehanna in 1992 (Greenfield Village museum, Dearborn, Michigan) Susquehanna site at Patuxent River Naval Air Station
Left: Susquehanna in 1992, Greenfield Village museum, Dearborn, Michigan, Digital Series 10, item 09
Right: Susquehanna site at Patuxent River Naval Air Station, Maryland in 2017

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Digital Series 01 Maryland State Archives
Digital Series 02 St Mary's County courthouse
Digital Series 03 St Mary's County Historical Society
Digital Series 04 Jefferson Patterson Park (MAc Lab)
Digital Series 05 Salisbury University - Nabb Center
Digital Series 06 University of Yorke - Borthwick Institute
Digital Series 07 England National Archive
Digital Series 08 Maryland Historical Society
Digital Series 09 Georgetown University Archives
Digital Series 10 Jim Carroll digital collection
Digital Series 20 Manuscripts and Presentations
Digital Series 21 Randell notes
Digital Series 22 Miscellaneous

Summary Information

St. Mary's College of Maryland Archives
Collection on the Susquehanna estate, Carroll family, and Rousby family
1648 - 2018
0.5 Linear feet. Also digital files
Collection of materials related to the Susquehanna Estate of Cedar Point, St. Mary's County, Maryland, which was moved to Greenfield Village in Dearborn Michigan following the December 1942 eviction of all Cedar Point residents for the construction of Patuxent River Naval Air Station. Also includes material related to the Rousby and Carroll families, both of whom occupied Susquehanna.

Preferred Citation note

[item description], MSS 048 Collection on the Susquehanna estate, Carroll family, and Rousby family, Box [number] Folder [number], St. Mary's College of Maryland Archives.

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Biographical/Historical note

The Susquehanna estate was an important site in colonial Maryland history. Located on a picturesque bluff near the southern mouth of Maryland’s Patuxent River, it was a convenient place for collection of the king's customs from ships carrying tobacco and other goods. This was “a post which invited many a bitter quarrel.” Susquehanna was the home to three Protestant royal customs collectors who would find themselves murdered during the 17th Century, two by associates of the Catholic governor and proprietor Charles Calvert, 3rd Lord Baltimore. The second and third murders played important roles in the political upheaval that resulted in the overthrow of the Calvert proprietary by the Protestant Associators on 1 August 1689, with the King finally sealing the order to appoint a permanent royal governor and end Lord Baltimore’s governorship on 27 June 1691.

The Rousby era of Susquehanna began when lawyer Christopher Rousby married Elizabeth in about 1669, the widow of the estate’s previous owner, Richard Collett. There were many notable events surrounding the Rousby era of Susquehanna: the murders of three interrelated customs collectors who all resided there; Christopher Rousby’s unrecognized illegitimate son, Charles Boteler; the title challenges from the Rousby family that remained in England following the untimely deaths of the brothers Christopher and his brother John Rousby I; and the enigmatic 1744 will of John Rousby II, wherein Susquehanna was left to his already-married mistress and his two unrecognized illegitimate daughters were named as successors, creating further problems involving the clear title to Susquehanna. Although the Rousby era of the estate could be said to have ended in 1758 with the marriage of the heiress Araminta Thompson (illegitimate daughter of John Rousby II) to Capt. Henry Carroll, the title was not cleared until the 1767 writ of entry sur disseisin in le post was filed -- 83 years after the 1684 murder of Christopher Rousby.

The untimely 1684 and 1685/6 deaths of brothers Christopher and John Rousby I left Susquehanna in limbo for almost 50 years and farmed by an absentee landlord. John Rousby II, son of John Rousby I, settled his family on the northern mouth of the Patuxent River at Rousby Hall. Finally, in 1744, after the death of John Rousby II, Susquehanna was left to his already-married mistress Mary (King) Thompson, wife of John Thompson, and their two illegitimate daughters: Araminta and Mary. Mary was deceased without heirs by 1767, which left the estate to Araminta Thompson, who married Capt. Henry Carroll (abt. 1727 - 1767) in about 1758, thus beginning the Carroll era of Susquehanna. Although numerous pieces of correspondence indicate that Capt. Henry Carroll and his descendants were "cousins" to Charles Carroll of Carrollton (1737 – 1832), there is no definitive proof outlining exactly how this cadet line of Carrolls is related to the family of Charles Carroll of Carrollton or the Archbishop John Carroll (1735 – 1815). This cadet line of Carrolls includes Maryland Governor Thomas King Carroll (1793 – 1873) and political strategist, author, and fervent Know Nothing activist Anna Ella Carroll (1815 – 1894), both of Somerset County. The descendants that remained in St. Mary's County held Susquehanna until the late 1800s. Descendants of a John Joseph Carroll of Medley Neck (b. abt. 1824 or 1825) remained in St. Mary's long after the Susquehanna Carrolls, until the present day, but there is not any definitive evidence connecting John Joseph Carroll to the Susquehanna Carrolls, though naming patterns of the two families (particularly the names Julia and Henry James) indicate that they are almost certainly related.

A later manor house from the Susquehanna estate, dating from the 1830s, is still standing and is open to visitors, strangely not in Maryland, but in Michigan. After the 13 December 1941 eviction notice was served on all of the residents of Cedar Point in St. Mary’s County, Maryland for the war-time construction of the Patuxent River Naval Air Station, owner Samuel Young offered Susquehanna’s manor house, milk shed, and crypt to his friend Henry Ford for inclusion in the ambitious open-air Greenfield Village museum in Dearborn, Michigan. In Maryland, the original site of Susquehanna is undeveloped and marked with descriptive and attractive signage, but can only be visited by those with access to Patuxent River Naval Air Station. At various times both the Edison Institute of the Ford Museum and the United States Navy have conducted archival and background research concerning Susquehanna, providing evidence to support the Navy’s archaeological digs and the interpretation of Susquehanna at Greenfield Village.

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Scope and Contents note

Research notes, both paper and digital, surrounding the Susquehanna estate, Rousby family, and Carroll families. This includes many photocopies of historical documents, excerpted books, and excerpted archaeological reports. Artificial collection created by college archivist.

Paper files are organized chronologically. Digital Files are organized by original repository or record creator.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

St. Mary's College of Maryland Archives 2018

Conditions Governing Access note

Collection is open without restriction.

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Collection Inventory

Paper files 

Box Folder

Rousby references from England National Archives website, with annotations and chart 1648-1765, 2018 

1 1

William Rousby references in Maryland Patent Book WC [Md State Archives] 1679-1680 

1 2

Wills: Christopher Rousby, John Rousby I, William Rousby (grocer of London), John Rousby II [Md State Archives] 1684, 1685, 1699, 1744 

1 3

Carroll genealogy index cards, Carroll genealogy correspondence [St. Mary's County Historical Society] 1848-1881, 1989 

1 3b

Farmer Thomas Lilly diary excerpts, referencing Henry J.I. Carroll [Julia A. King notes, from Georgetown University Archive] 1849-1850 

1 4

Livestock Census, Henry J.I. Carroll [Julia A. King notes] 1850, 1860, 1870 

1 5

Carroll notes (St. Mary's Beacon references] and research correspondence [Julia A. King notes] 1852-1949, 1992-1993 

1 6

Anna Ella Carroll microfilmed correspondence notes [Md Historical Society] 

1 7

John Pendleton Kennedy, "A Legend of Maryland," Atlantic Monthly 1860 

1 8

Susquehanna references in St. Mary's County deeds and St. Mary's Beacon [Julia A. King notes] 1889-1904 

1 9

Walter Worthington Bowie, "The Bowies & Their Kindred," (Washington: Press of Cromwell Bros). Araminta (Carroll) Brooke excerpt 1899 

1 10

John Martin Hammond, "Colonial Mansions of Maryland and Delaware" (Philadelphia & London: J.B. Lippincott company). Mt. Airy and Beverly excerpts 1914 

1 11

Matthew Page Andrews, "Tercentenary History of Maryland" (Chicago, Baltimore: S. J. Clarke publishing company). Eleanor (Carroll) Darnall excerpt, with Julia A. King marginalia 1925 

1 12

Henry Chandlee Forman, "Early Manor and Plantation Houses of Maryland" (Easton, Mo., Haverford, Pa., by the author, 1934). Susquehanna excerpt 1934 

1 13

H.A.C. Sturgess, "Register Admissions... Middle Temple [London bar]" (London: Honourable Society of the Middle Temple). William Rousby excerpt 1949 

1 14

Donnell McClure Owings, "His Lordship's Patronage" (Baltimore, Maryland Historical Society). Patuxent District excerpts 1953 

1 15

Edward J. Cutler oral history interview excerpt re: moving Susquehanna estate from Maryland to Michigan 1955 June 1 

1 16

J.R. Woodhead, "The Rulers of London" (London: London & Middlesex Archaeological Society). William Rousby excerpt 1965 

1 17

Clayton Torrence, "Old Somerset on The Eastern Shore of Maryland" (Baltimore: Regional Pub. Co.). Appendix IX, King family excerpt (Kingsland, Kingston Hall, and Beverly estates) 1966 

1 18

Michael David de Michele, "Glorious Revolution in Maryland," doctoral dissertation, Pennsylvania State University, notes and excerpts 1967 September

1 18b

Robert E. Pogue, "Yesterday in Old St. Mary's County" (New York : Carlton Press). Christopher Rousby excerpts 1968 

1 19

Dorothy Shannon, "Old Susquehanna Farm in Michigan," Enterprise 1972 April 13 

1 20

Charles McCool Snyder, "Anna Ella Carroll, Political Strategist in the 1850s," Maryland Historical Magazine 1973 Spring 

1 21

Rousby family charts, data compiled from Edward C. Papenfuse, "Directory of Maryland Legislators, 1635-1789" (Annapolis: Maryland Bicentennial Commission) 1974, 2017 

1 22

Skordas, "Early Settlers of Maryland" (Baltimore: Genealogical Pub. Co.). Key of patent books and Rousby references 1974 

1 23

Lois Green Carr and David William Jordan, "Maryland’s revolution of government, 1689-1692" (Ithaca: Cornell University Press). Kent Randell notes 1974, 2017 

1 23b

Beth Good Latzer, "Myrtleville: A Canadian Farm & Family" (Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press). Charles Carroll of Cork excerpt 1976 

Scope and Contents note

The ancestry of Capt. Henry Carroll of St. Mary's County (d. 1776) is unproven. His second son is named Michael Brown Carroll. An earlier Michael Brown Carroll, a surgeon in a British Regiment of Foote, was given a parole (a pass) to visit Charles Carroll of Carrollton during the Revolutionary War (see Digital Series 01 Maryland State Archives, item 01), with this earlier Surgeon Michael Brown Carroll referencing Charles Carroll of Cork in his will. It is certainly possible that Capt. Henry Carroll of St. Mary's County is somehow related to the Michael Brown Carroll, surgeon and Charles Carroll of Cork, Ireland, apothecary -- though it is still unproven. A member of the family of Charles Carroll of Cork, apothecary, settled in Canada.

Back in Ireland, a descendant of Charles Carroll of Cork, apothecary, sent an elderly Charles Carroll of Carrollton in Maryland (who at that time was a national hero) a letter, stating that they both used a similar family crest, and asking how they might be related. Charles Carroll of Carrollton answered that he did not know (see Digital Series 22 Miscellaneous, item 17).

1 24

Thomas O'Brien Hanley, S.J. (editor) "The John Carroll Papers" 3 volumes (Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press) Anthony Carroll, Dominick Carroll, James Carroll, S.J. excerpts 1976

1 24b

Geoffrey Holt, "St. Omers... a Biographical Dictionary" (London: Catholic Record Society). Sources, abbreviations, and Carroll excerpt 1979 

1 25

Lorena Walsh, "Documentary Research on Susquehanna Point Property," unpublished research report, funded by the Edison Institute, Henry Ford Museum 1981 August 15 

1 26

J.A. Reiss, "Susquehanna House Research Report," unpublished research report, funded by the Edison Institute, Henry Ford Museum 1985 May 

1 27

Robert Beddard, "A Kingdom without a King" (Oxford: Phaidon). Kent Randell notes 1988 

1 28

Charles H. Martinez, David R. Stevenson, Mary Louise Fritts-Williams (all of Wayne State University) "Analysis of the Christopher and John Rousby Crypt at Greenfield Village," unpublished research report, funded by the Edison Institute, Henry Ford Museum 1988 September 30 

1 29

Elise Greenup Jordan, "Early Families of Southern Maryland" (Westminister, Md.: Family Line Publications). Doyne (vol. I) and Van Swearingen (vol. IV) excerpts 1993, 1995 

1 30

Thomas W. Spalding, "John Carroll Recovered" (Baltimore: Cathedral Foundation Press). St. Mary's County Carroll family excerpts 2000 

1 31

Ronald Hoffman, "Princes of Ireland" (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press et al). Genealogical charts 2000 

1 32

Laura J. Galke and Michael W. Kell, "Phase I Archaeological Resources Inventory of the Harper's Creek Area" [Susquehanna], Occasional Papers of the Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum, no. 10 2000 February 

1 33

Linda Davis Reno, "To the Shores of Tripoli: Life and Times of Michael Brown Carroll," St. Mary's County Historical Society Chronicles 2000 Spring 

1 34

Julia A. King, "How the Past Becomes A Place: An Example from 19th-Century Maryland"; also "How the Past Becomes A Place," book chapter from 'Archaeology, Narrative, and the Politics of the Past : The View from Southern Maryland' (Chicago: University of Tennessee Press). 2001/2002, 2012 

1 35

John D. Krugler, "English and Catholic : the Lords Baltimore in the seventeenth century" (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press). Excerpts and Kent Randell notes 2004 

1 36

Robert W. Barnes, "Maryland Marriage Evidences, 1634-1718" (Baltimore: Genealogical Pub. Co.). Carroll, Doyne, Williams excerpts 2005 

1 37

Christopher R. Polglase (Goodwin & Associates), "Phase II Archeological Evaluation of Site 18ST751," prepared for U.S. Navy, excerpts 2005 May 16 

1 38

Stephanie Desmon, Baltimore Sun, "Lost Soul: Three hundred years after his death, a murdered tax collector's body remains missing and his tombstone rests in pieces." 2005 June 21 

Scope and Contents note

Discusses the removal of the John and Christopher Rousby tombstone to Michigan, then returned to Maryland. Includes quotes from Julia A. King. (The tombstone was eventually added to the collection of the Maryland Archaeological Lab at Jefferson Patterson Park.)

1 38b

Antoinette Soitto, "Lord Baltimore and the Death of Christopher Rousby," Maryland Historical Magazine 2007 Winter 

1 39

Paul H. Mattingly, "A Maryland Jesuit in 18th Century Europe," John Baptist Mattingly, S.J., Maryland Historical Magazine 2012 

1 40

Maura Jane Farrelly, "Papist Patriots, The Making of an American Catholic Identity" (New York : Oxford University Press). James Carroll, S.J. excerpts 2012 

1 41

"Political Culture and the English Civil War in Colonial Maryland" [Richard Collett], Maryland Historical Magazine 2014 Fall 

1 42

Hull History Center, United Kingdom, Rousby query correspondence 2017 August 24 

1 43

Donna Cipolloni, "A Halloween tale of murder on the Patuxent River," Tester 2017 October 26 

1 44

Kent Randell, presentation slides, "Is Susquehanna a Cursed Estate? 200 Years of Susquehanna : 1684-1884," St. Mary's County Historic Preservation Commission Speaker Series 2017 October 25 

1 45

Undated, untitled map of Susquehanna Point, annotated by Julia A. King 

1 46

Edwin E. Beitzell, "St. Mary's County Civil War Records," hand-written, undated book, Carroll excerpt 

1 47

Susquehanna report, no author, no date [from Julia A. King notes] 

1 48

Georgetown University archives, Kent Randell notes 

1 49

Jefferson Patterson Park (Maryland Archaeological Lab), Kent Randell notes about archeology items 

1 50

Maryland State Archives, Kent Randell notes 

1 51

Nabb Center, Salisbury University, Kent Randell notes 

1 52

Probate notes: St. Mary's County, Charles County, Prince George's County, Provincial (colonial), Calvert papers 

1 53

Tax Assessments, Debt Books, and Patent Index notes 

1 54

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Digital Series 01 Maryland State Archives 

 01 "Red books" Index and original document. Parole of Dr. Michael Brown Carroll, surgeon of British 20th Regiment of Foote 1777   9 pages

 02 Chancery Records IR3. Nanny Plater letter 1708 July 12   9 pages

 03 Maryland Judgments TB2. Anne Rousby tries to take Susquehanna by force 1705 May 15   9 pages

 04 McHenry Howard, “Some Early Marylanders : Christopher and John Rousby” Maryland Historical Magazine 15 (1929): 292-302 1929   12 pages

 05  Patent Book WC2: 22, 122. William Rousby references 1679-1680   2 pages

 06 Prince George's County Guardianship records. Michael Brown Carroll indenture, Charles John Carroll estate 1817   19 pages

 07  Carroll genealogy excerpt from Ellen Hart Smith, "Charles Carroll of Carrollton" (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press) (unreliable) 1942   3 pages

 08  Helen W. Ridgely, "Historic graves of Maryland and the District of Columbia" (New York: The Grafton Press). Excerpt mentions Rousby and Mollie Carroll at Mattapany-Sewall 1908   2 pages

 09 Charles E. Fenwick and Wanda A. Schuhart, "St. Mary's county tax assessment records, 1793-1849 : years 1793 through 1796, 1812, 1821, 1826, 1831, 1846 & 1849" (Leonardtown, Md.: St. Mary's County Historical Society). Biscoe Bond Briscoe Broome Carroll Holton Hopewell King Neale Pile Plater Plowden Thompson excerpts 2004   27 pages

 10  Patent Book index cards (drawer 55). Susquehanna and Smiths Discovery   4 pages

 11  Rent Rolls index cards (drawer 56). Carroll Rousby Plater Smith   34 pages

 12  Debt Book index cards (drawer 58). Thompson and Carroll   7 pages

 13 Inventory Accounts 24:34 Robert Rousby 1703 December 2   1 page, 1 excel sheet

 MSA subseries 01 Microfilmed Carroll letters 

 01  No 80 Charles Carroll of Carrollton to Capt. Henry Carroll (book purchases)   3 pages

 02  No 99 Capt. Henry Carroll to Charles Carroll of Annapolis   4 pages (includes partial transcript)

 03  No 2592 Michael Brown Carroll to Charles Carroll of Carrollton   9 pages (includes partial transcript)

 04 Nos 2721 2726 Michael Brown Carroll to Charles Carroll of Carrollton and return letter   4 pages (includes partial transcript)

 05  No 4491 Rousby to Charles Carroll of Annapolis   2 pages

 06  No 4492 Rousby to Dulany   2 pages

 07  Archives visit action plan CCC letters notes 2017 May 03    .docx file

 MSA subseries 02 St Mary's County Court of Equity cases 

 01  No 1591-42 Michael Brown Carroll v Thomas King Carroll (deed to Susquehanna)   25 pages (includes partial transcript)

 02  No 1591-162 Charles John Carroll v Burch et al   34 pages

 03  No 1591-181 Charles John Carroll v Gerard T Hopkins   58 pages

 04  No 1592-52 henry J.I. and Elizabeth A. Carroll v Robert and Helen Neale (Gardner's Neck and Hog Pen Neck property)   49 pages

 05  No 1592-72 Sarah C LeGrand v Henry James Ignatius Carroll   13 pages

 06  No 1592-95 John Joseph Carroll v Hooper. Unfortunately, does not offer any clues as to the identity of John Joseph Carroll's parents.   31 pages

 07  Archives visit action plan (St Mary's Court of Equity notes) 2017 May 03   .docx file

 MSA subseries 03 Maryland Legislators Biographical Files SC 1138 (excerpts) 

 01  No 73 Richard Bennett (1608-1675)   3 pages

 02  No 74 Richard Bennett (1639-1667)   8 pages

 03  No 211 Henry James Carroll (1767-1814)   19 pages

 04  No 809 Edward Lloyd (1670-1718-19)   3 pages

 05  No 810 Edward Lloyd (1711-1770)   15 pages

 06  No 1072 Christopher Rousby (d 1684)   12 pages

 07  No 1073 John Rousby (d. 1685-86)   20 pages

 08  No 1074 John Rousby II (1685-1744)   18 pages

 09  No 1146 Richard Smith (d ca 1690)   3 pages

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Digital Series 02 St Mary's County courthouse 

 01  Account of Sales GC 3. Henry James Ignatius Carroll to Michael Brown Carroll sale of enslaved person 1852   2 pages

 02  Account of Sales JBA1. Henry James Ignatius Carroll estate 1884   5 pages

 03 Admin Bonds JF2. Margaret Mary Ann Carroll bond 1823   2 pages

 04 Admin bonds EJM1. Matthew Boothe bond (Charles John Carroll executor) 1829 and Michael Brown Carroll bond 1832 1829, 1832   3 pages

 05  Admin bonds JBA1. Henry James Ignatius Carroll bond 1884   2 pages

 06  Guardian Accounts Index 1787-1964. Michael Phillip Carroll   2 pages

 07  Guardian Accounts 1847-1860. Michael Phillip Carroll 1861   5 pages

 08  Guardian Bonds 1826-1862. Michael Phillip Carroll undated    2 pages

 09  Inventories 1830-1832. Michael Phillip Carroll inventory 1832   4 pages

 10 Inventories JTMR 4. Henry James Ignatius Carroll 1884 May 13   8 pages

 11  Indentures 1826-1870. William I. Carroll 1845 August 12   2 pages

 12  Wills JBA1. Henry James Ignatius Carroll and Elizabeth A. Carroll 1862 November 15, 1892 October 15   5 pages

 13  Releases Receipts Powers of Attorneys 1826-1839. CJC and JHC mentioned   8 pages

 14  Wills JJ3. Nicholas Sewall 1813 November 18   7 pages

 15 Releases Receipts Powers of Attorney 1826-1839 (Michael Phillip Carroll guardianship) 1862 June 21   3 pages

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Digital Series 03 St Mary's County Historical Society 

 01 Loose notes Carroll genealogical file   40 pages

 02 Loose Carroll references in Mattapany-Sewall file   8 pages

 03  David M. French, "The Brent Family - The Carroll Families of Colonial Maryland" unpublished manuscript (excerpt) 1981   16 pages

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Digital Series 04 Jefferson Patterson Park (MAc Lab) 

 01  John Bedell, et al for Marstel-Day, “Susquehanna Plantation’s Back 40: Investigation of a Proposed Rotocraft Training Course and Phase II Evaluation of Sites 18ST393 and 18ST747 : Naval Air Station Patuxent River” (unpublished report, Department of the Navy, Naval Facilities Engineering Command, 11 Mar 2016). Excerpt. 2018   10 pages

 02  Susquehanna site summary website 18ST399 2003  

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Digital Series 05 Salisbury University - Nabb Center 

 01 Edwin Warfield Beitzell, "St. Mary's County, Maryland in the American Revolution : calendar of events" (Leonardtown, Md. : St. Mary's County, Maryland Bicentennial Commission). Carroll excerpt 1975   7 pages

 02 Rebecca F. Miller, "Somerset County Bond Book EB 28 1805-1815" (Princess Anne, Md.: Miller’s Choice Genealogy, 1993). Carroll excerpt 1811, 1814   2 pages

 03  "French Indian War Roster" from Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin. King excerpt 1999 Winter   2 pages

 04 Lyndeth Esgar, "Somerset County, Maryland marriage references and family relationships, 1666-1800" (Lewes, Del.: Colonial Roots). Alexander Carroll King excerpts 2013   6 pages

 05  F. Edward Wright and Jane Baldwin Cotton, "Maryland Calendar of Wills 1753-1760 Volume II" (Westminster, Md: Family Line Pub.). Robert King abstract 1992    4 pages

 06  Leslie Keddie and Neil Keddie, "Somerset County, Maryland, Somerset County court judicial proceedings" 1776-1779 (Salisbury, Md.: Family Tree Bookshop). Thomas King excerpt 2003   3 pages

 07  Wilmer O. Lankford, "They lived in Somerset" (multiple vols) (Princess Anne, Maryland : Manokin Press). Alexander Carroll King references   12 pages

 08  David V. Heise, "Somerset County, Maryland Orphans Court proceedings : 1777-1792 and 1811-1823 : volume I" (Westminster, Md.: Family Line Publications). Gov. Thomas King Carroll excerpt 2000   4 pages

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Digital Series 06 University of Yorke - Borthwick Institute 

 01  BIA17180746, Will, William Rousby, Crambe 1713 December   .pdf file

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Digital Series 07 England National Archive 

 01  PROB 11_469_96 William Rousby grocer of London will 1699 March 11   .pdf file

 02  Wm Rousby gent of Croome v. mother Elizabeth (Colthurst) Rousby and siblings 1695 April   11 pages (includes case notes)

 03  Wm Rousby gent of Croome will 1660   1 page

 04  PROB 11-1324-122 Michael Brown Carroll will British 20th Regiment of Foote (brother of Charles Carroll of Cork) 1799  

Scope and Contents note

Will of the Michael Brown Carroll who received a parole to visit Charles Carroll of Carrollton during the Revolutionary War as a British surgeon in the 20th Regiment of Foote. This is an interesting connection to Southern Maryland -- as Capt. Henry Carroll's exact relationship to Charles Carroll of Carrollton is unproven (Capt. Henry Carroll's second son was named Michael Brown Carroll). Will mentions Charles Carroll of Cork, one of two people named Charles Carroll (probably father and son) who worked as apothecaries, with the elder apothecary being an ancestor to a line of Carrolls in Canada (see Beth Good Latzer, "Myrtleville: A Canadian Farm & Family," Paper files, Box 1, folder 24)

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Digital Series 08 Maryland Historical Society 

 01  Anna Ella Carroll correspondence 

Scope and Contents note

Anna Ella Carroll's hand writing is difficult to read.

 01  Wm H Seward to Anna Ella Carroll 1855 May 9 

 02  George Davis to Anna Ella Carroll 1855 May 25 

 03  Anna Ella Carroll to Gov. Thomas King Carroll 1856 May 23 

 04  Anna Ella Carroll to Gov. Thomas King Carroll 1856 May 26 

 05  Jacob Broom to Anna Ella Carroll 1857 Jan 26 

 06  Jacob Broom to Anna Ella Carroll 1858 Jul 21 

 07  J Polk to Anna Ella Carroll 1858 Aug 25 

 08  Jacob Broom to Anna Ella Carroll 1858 Oct 25 

 09  Jacob Broom to Anna Ella Carroll 1858 Oct 26 

 10  Jefferson Davis to Anna Ella Carroll 1860 Feb 27 

 11  Jefferson Davis to Anna Ella Carroll 1860 Mar 12 

 12 Jefferson Davis to Anna Ella Carroll 1860 Mar 20 

 13 Anna Ella Carroll to Gov. Hicks 1860 November 

 14  Anna Ella Carroll to Gov. Hicks 1861 Jan 16 

 15  Anna Ella Carroll to Gov. Hicks 1861 Jan 24 

 16  Anna Ella Carroll memo on secession 1861 Jan 28   5 pages

 17  Anna Ella Carroll memo on the war powers of the president 1861   27 pages

 18  Eleanor A. Calvert to Mary H. Carroll 7 May 1886 

 02  MHS Anna Ella Carroll correspondence notes   .docx file

 03  mhs Carroll Craddock Jensen notes   .txt file

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Digital Series 09 Georgetown University Archives 

 01 N Lewis Sewall Account books. Carroll mentions   7 pages

 02  James Carroll, S.J. sermons (5 sermons, in Latin) 1755-1756, undated   30 pages

 03  Carroll genealogical manuscript files   26 pages

 04  Clymnalira printed notes   3 pages

 05  James Carroll statement of debt to James Ashby 1757    3 pages

 06  Maryland Provincial Archives Box 40 (Patrick and Susanna Carroll indentures)   14 pages

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Digital Series 10 Jim Carroll digital collection 

 01  Ariel Map of Cedar Point with annotations 1938  

 02  Fr. LaFarge to Ada 1926 January 5 

 03  Mother Euphemia's Reflections 1933 May 7   2 pages

 04  Maryland Historical Trust - Nomination worksheet Susquehanna ruins prepared by Dennis J Pogue (includes sketches maps and postcard) 1 May 1983   .pdf file

 05  O'Carroll Family History (early Carrolls) website by Colin O'Carroll of South Africa 1997 September    .docx file 23 pages

 06  Correspondence from Linda Davis Reno re: Charles John Carroll II and John Joseph Carroll undated   .docx file

 07  Dr. Julia A. King email re: Susquehanna and the Carroll family 2013 April 29    .pdf file

 08  Tester article "Susquehanna Speaks of Past" by Fred Bradshaw 1997 March 13  

 09  Tester article "Susquehanna Speaks of the Past at Pax" by Fred Bradshaw 1992 April 24  

 10  Susquehanna Background and Notes from Anthony, a descendant of a Susquehanna share cropper undated   .docx file

 11  Charles John Carroll I biography from Maryland State Archives website 

Immediate Source of Acquisition note

 12  Susquehanna blog from Greenfield Village fan website ( 

Immediate Source of Acquisition note

 13  Enterprise article "Susquehanna Farm was Home to Generations From 17th Century Until the Navy Arrived" by Andrea Hammer 1997 Jan 24  

 14  Henrys Attic article about Susquehanna (Henry Ford Museum publication) undated 

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Digital Series 20 Manuscripts and Presentations 

Scope and Contents note

Items in this series created by Kent Randell.

 01  Patuxent Customs collector chart 2018   .docx file

 02  Rousby Carroll Calvert illegitimacy chart 2018   .docx file

 03  "Is Susquehanna a cursed estate? 200 Years of Susquehanna 1684-1884 & its calamitous removal to Greenfield Village in Michigan in 1942," speech for the St. Mary's County Historic Preservation Commission lecture series 2017 October 25    .ppt file

 04  "Susquehanna," speech for the St. Mary's County Genealogical Society 2018 February 26    .ppt file

 05  "The Rousby Era of the Susquehanna Estate, formerly of St. Mary's County, Maryland (1669-1767)," submission to Maryland Genealogical Society Journal 2018 September 11    .docx file

 06  "200 years of the Susquehanna Estate: 1684-1884." Chronological Land Transaction Summary of Susquehanna, includes timeline for removal to Michigan and annotated bibliography 2017 December 01  

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Digital Series 21 Randell notes 

 01  Annotated Bibliography 

 02  Estate of Richard Bennett 

 03  Boteler 

 04  Carroll 

 05  Carroll appendices: (A) Ancestry of Lucretia Leeds Briscoe, (B) Ancestry of John Brown Brooke, (C) Genealogical Summary of John Joseph Carroll of Medley Neck, (D) Genealogical Summary of Ignatius Carroll of St. Mary’s County, (E) Genealogical Summary of Patrick Carroll of Prince George’s County, (F) Genealogical Summary of Anna Ella Carroll 

 06  Carroll references in Woodstock Letters 

 07  Rousby 

 08  Rousby notes from England National Archive 

 09  Payne 

 10  Thompson 

 11  Archaeological 

 12  Georgetown Archives notes 

 13  Hull History Centre correspondence 

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Digital Series 22 Miscellaneous 

 01  Carole Shammas, "English Inheritance Law and Its Transfer to the Colonies," American Journal of Legal History vol. 31 no. 2, 145-163 1987 April   .pdf file

 02  Frances Benjamin Johnston photograph of Susquehanna, Library of Congress, Carnegie Survey 1936 or 1937   .png file

Immediate Source of Acquisition note

 03  "Marine Kills his 3 Children, Wounds Wife, then Suicides," Michael Phillip Carroll murders, Altoona Mirror 1954 May 21   .jpg file

 04  Yudha Thianto Tjondrowardogo, "Stories Baptismal Registers Told : Private Baptism in Seventeenth Century England," History vol. 95, 177-193 2010   .pdf file

 05  Antoinette Patricia Soitto, "Built Upon Smoke : Politics and Political Culture in Maryland 1630-1690)," dissertation, Princeton 2008 November   .pdf file

 06  Susquehanna at Henry Ford's Greenfield Village Museum, photograph by Kent Randell 2017 October   .jpg file

 07  Janet Tice, "Burials from tombstones, grave markers, and church registers of St. Mary’s County, Maryland : (1634-1994)" (Leonardtown, St. Mary’s County Historical Society). Carroll references 1996   .jpg file

 08  Charles M. Flanagan, "The Sweets of Independence : A Reading of the James Carroll daybook : 1714-21," dissertation 2005   .pdf file

 09  Edward E. Chaney and Julia A. King, “‘A Fair House of Brick and Timber’: Archaeological Excavations at Mattapany-Sewall (18ST390) Naval Air Station, Patuxent River, St. Mary’s County, Maryland,” the Digital Archaeological Record, 52-56 1999   .pdf file

Immediate Source of Acquisition note

 10  Mt Airy pictures, Rosaryville State Park, taken by Kent Randell 2018 August 12   4 images

 11  Charles McCool Snyder, "Anna Ella Carroll : Political Strategist and Gadfly of President Fillmore" Maryland Historical Magazine vol. 68 no. 1 1973 Spring   .pdf file

 12  Jean A. Sargent. "Stones and bones : cemetery records of Prince George’s County, Maryland" (Bowie, Md.: Prince George’s County Genealogical Society). Biscoe, Briscoe, and Carroll references 1984 

 13  Gene Granville Blades, "Politics of Sectional Avoidance : Maryland and the American Party," Master's Thesis, Catholic University of America. 1990   .pdf file

Scope and Contents note

This is an unreliable Master's Thesis and references files in the Maryland State Archives that do not exist. Gene Granville Blades later became a lawyer and was disbarred for manufacturing documents and evidence.

 14  "History of White Marsh," Woodstock Letters, vol. 62, 170-187 1933   .pdf file

 15  Gaius Marcus Brumbaugh, "Maryland records : colonial, revolutionary, county, and church, from original sources" (Baltimore: Genealogical Pub. Co.). Vol. 1, Carroll references 1985   4 pages

 16  Robert Barnes, "Maryland marriages, 1634-1777" (Baltimore: Genealogical Pub. Co.). Carroll references 1975   6 pages

 17  Charles Carroll of Carrollton to Charles Carroll of Cork (unanswered genealogy query) [Charles Carroll House and Garden in Annapolis website] 1827 February 24 

Immediate Source of Acquisition note

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