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Division III Week

Division III Week

What is it like being a student athlete at St. Mary's? Our Seahawks share their stories. 

tuition reduction

Tuition Reduction

Maryland Legislature approves funds for an 8.6% tuition reduction for in-state undergraduate students.

NAWCAD internships

A matter of physics

NAWCAD internships provide St. Mary’s College students with experience and help warfighter.


Teresa Padgett

Teresa Padgett '15

Personal Growth.

"I know I'll leave here a better person for the education and experience that St. Mary's has given me. "


Karen Anderson

Karen Anderson

Professor of English

"What I love about teaching at St. Mary's is the truly interdisciplinary nature of the classroom."

Stephon Dingle

Stephon Dingle '12

Graduate School Preparation.

"The diversity of the campus was also essential. I was raised in Baltimore city and coming to St. Mary's was an eye opener. I met a lot of people from unique backgrounds which has made me a better person."


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Did you know that April is Maryland Archaeology Month?

St. Mary's offers a wide range of opportunities for undergraduate students interested in pursuing archaeology as a career. For more information, visit or contact

This video shows an archaeological investigation currently underway. Professor Julia King and students are working to uncover 17th-century Piscataway Indian settlements in Southern Maryland counties.

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