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The SlackWater Center publishes an occasional journal, SlackWater, highlighting topics and places of regional importance to the broader community. Contributors to the journal include students, faculty, and community members. To date, six issues of the journal have been produced. Back issues of SlackWater are available for purchase at the St. Mary's College of Maryland Bookstore

While the best way to enjoy the journals is through the print issue, the links, below, will take you to a table of contents for each volume along with selected essays and images.


Adams wharf on St. George Creek, courtesy of Paul Chesser.  


Volume I: St. George Island 


Home at Cedar Point. Courtesy of US Archives.


Volume II: Cedar Point


Parran Barn. Image courtesy Julia King.


Volume III: The Tobacco Issue





Volume IV: Crassostrea virginica


Raley's Country Store. Image courtesy Dan Raley.


Volume V: The Rural Volume


   Savon Gas Station, Great Mills Rd, by Sue Jones, 1976.


Volume VI: The Instant City


The Roost Menu, front cover; Courtesy of SMCM Archives, donated by Elizabeth Egeli.

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