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Volume I: St. George Island

In its debut issue, the SlackWater Center turns its attention to St. George Island and the people that call it home. Until a one-lane bridge was constructed in 1921, the spit of land nestled at the mouth of the Potomac River was accessible only by boat. The families living among the loblolly pines and golden marsh grasses are ones that have lived there for over a century. These articles provide a window into their community, their work practices, and the changes they and their island have undergone in the past century. 


Editors' Preface, by Chris Ciotti, James Ivy, Eliza Jones, and Elizabeth Snader

Forward, by Larry Chowning



Introduction, by James Ivy

Bison of the Chesapeake, narrated by Francis Goddard, Wayne Goddard, and Jack Russell

A Waterman's Calendar, narrated by Vernon Thompson

Necessity Made Beautiful, narrated by Charlie Moore and Tommy Deagle

On the Cusp, narrated by Bruce Lumpkins

From the Old Oil Lamps to the Beautiful Lights of the City, narrated by Mulry and Erskine Thompson



Homemaking on St. George Island

Carol Evans on Family Business 



The Great Flood of 1933, by David Sayre

A Chesser Family Album, by Philip and Wendell Chesser 



An Entirely Different Community

Something Decent to Put Your Lips On

The Everyday of Being Here


The Roost Menu, front cover; Courtesy of SMCM Archives, donated by Elizabeth Egeli.

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