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Volume VI: The Instant City

Our sixth volume shifts the lens, not to a place, but to a time. Here we focus on the impact of the 1960s and '70s on St. Mary's County in particular and Southern Maryland in general. These two decades were particularly formative and even transformative; the landscape that we negotiate today is a landscape born of that era. In three parts, we explore this transformation as loss, as communal change, and its lasting impact on the region.  


Between the Tides, by Zachary Pajak



Memo To Another Generation, by Elizabeth Kohlway

Knights Of The Round Table, by Alexandra Todak and Julia A. King

Everything Has Been Taken Over And Turned Into Something Else, by Anne Dowling Grulich

Barn Prayer, by Lael Neale

The Potomac River Compact: Was it Given Away?, by Rachelle Wilcox

Why Savon?, by N. Lynn Erwin

If You Can't Find The Beloved Community, Do Whatever You Can To Create It, told by Charlie Hewitt



National Tragedies, Local Memories

Colored Use The Back Door, told by Emma Hall

Blacks Only, told by Fred Talbert

You Open When You Said You Were Going To Open, by Benjamin Cumbo

Doorways, by Jay Penn Fleming

We Were Told To Just Forget About It, To Just Get On With Life, told by J. Abell Longmore, Jr. 

Silver Boxes, by Frank Maio

A New Kind of Woman, by Winona L. Landis

Off The Grid

Dope, complied by Monica Powell and Laura Valdivia

The Life And Times Of Woodburn Hill Farm, by Frank Fox

Living More Gently On The Land, told by Phebe Barth

From In Loco Parentis To Due Process, by Janet Butler Haugaard

No Degree Necessary, Just Experience With The Movement, by Meredith Powlison

The Impacts, told by Harold Herndon



Old County–New County, by J. Frank Raley

Another Step Forward: Pax Turns Its Gaze Skyward, by Winona L. Landis

Bayonne On The Potomac, Part I: St. Mary’s County vs. Steuart Petroleum, by Kirk Davis and Julia A. King

Bayonne On The Potomac, Part II: In It To Win It, told by Catherine “Kitty” Barnes

Was It Worth It?, by Henry Arango

A Good Neighbor, told by Charles Cruse

Rising Roads, by Jason Babcock

Below The Surface, by Beth Macinko

Jesse's Tears, by Michael S. Glaser

Volume I: St. George's Island

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