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Volume II: Cedar Point, 1942

Volume II focuses on the significant change that St. Mary's County has gone through since the inception of Patuxent River Naval Air Station in 1942. Through telling stories of change and adaptation, of family legacies and newly formed traditions, of what it means to be old county or a newcomer, SlackWater explores how southern Maryland was transformed from an isolated agricultural community to one that reflected the social and economic changes of a larger nation.  


Editors’ Introduction: “This Happened Here”

Julia King: A Legend of Maryland



My Father was a Sharecropper, by J. Ogden Thomas

The Lighthouse Tender, by Myrtle Dare

The Way the Cipher Went, by Agnes Bean and Joseph Cullison

Speaking for Us, by J. Maguire and Richard Mattingly



Private Conversations, by Paul Bailey

Got a Retirement Out of It, by John Dawson

Land Is Sacred, by Anne Lancaster

Possum Up the Persimmon Tree, by Ruth Portee and Mary Louise Fleming

A Piece on the Hook, by Oliver Tippett

Salt in Your Marsh, by Webster Dyson

They Just Bulldozed It, by Nell Levay

Going Someplace, by Jane Yowaiski

Fortunes in Memories, by Larry Millison



The Changeover, by J. Frank Raley

We Got On the Map, by Jack Daugherty

Move Out and Up, by Richard Portee

Taking a Shot, by Jack Gelrud

Can’t Beat a Thing by Running From It, by Fred Talbert

Shipyards and Skidways, by Pepper Langley

Some Degree of Acceptance, by John Paradis

Volume I: St. George's Island

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