The first River Concert of the summer will be held this Friday at 7:00 p.m., with the grounds at the Townhouse Greens opening at 5:00 p.m.


Crawl if there is smoke.
If you get caught in smoke, get down and crawl. Cleaner, cooler air will be near the floor. Get Low - And Go.

Feel doors before opening.
Before opening any doors, feel the metal knob. If it is hot, don't open the door. If it is cool, brace yourself against the door, open it slightly, and if heat or heavy smoke are present, close the door and stay in the room.

Go to the nearest exit or stairway.
If the nearest exit is blocked by fire, heat, or smoke, go to another exit. Learning these exits in advance will save time in an evacuation.

Always use stairs to exit a building; not an elevator.
Elevator shafts may fill with smoke or the power may fail, leaving you trapped. Stairway fire doors will keep out fire and smoke -- if they are closed -- and will protect you until you get outside.

Close as many doors as possible as you exit.

Total and immediate evacuation is safest.
Only use a fire extinguisher if the fire is very small and you know how to do it safely. If you can't put out the fire, leave immediately. Make sure the Public Safety is called -- even if you think the fire is out.


Keep the doors closed.
Seal cracks and vents if smoke comes in. If you're trapped in a room and there's no smoke outside, open the windows -- from the top to let out the heat and smoke and from the bottom to let in fresh air.

Signal for help.
Hang an object at the window (a bed sheet, jacket, shirt) to attract the fire department's attention. If there is a phone in the room, call the fire department and report that you are trapped. Be sure to give your room number and location.

Sometimes it is safer to stay in place.
If all exits from a floor are blocked, go back to your room, close the door, seal cracks, open the windows if safe, wave something at the window, and shout or phone for help.

Stop, drop, and roll.
If your clothes catch on fire, stop, drop, and roll, wherever you are. Rolling smothers the fire.

Cool any burns.
Use cool tap water on burns, immediately. Don't use ointments. If skin is blistered, dead white, brown or charred, call Public Safety.