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Peer Health Educators

2012 PHEs


About Us

The Peer Health Educators are a group of students at St. Mary's College of Maryland dedicated to promoting healthy behaviors to their peers by sponsoring fun events and activities on campus on a diverse range of important issues, including sexual health, alcohol and drug use, smoking, mental health, and nutrition.

Time Commitment

  • Involvement in planning and running at least one campus event per semester
  • Monthly meeting attendance for debriefing and planning of upcoming events
  • Attendence at training session at the beginning of each semester


  • Maintain a GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Contribute to event planning and be a reliable team member
  • Maintain an acceptable degree of conduct, on and off duty

Interested in Joining?

The Peer Health Educators recruit and train members on a semester basis. Contact Katie Daly at for details.


  • Comprehensive self-care guide from Health Services
  • Contact the Peer Health Educators at
  • Connect with the Peer Health Educators on Facebook