Program Highlight

Students preparing to drop a pumpkin from a window

The Physics Club organizes many activities for all students who enjoy physics.  


SMP Spotlight

Daniel Powell (2009), “Quantum-Walk Analogues of Optical Phenomena” (mentor: Josh Grossman)

Dan received the Department Award in Physics and the Geneva Boone Award for Outstanding St. Mary’s Project.  He presented his SMP research in a talk at the 2009 conference of the Division of Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics of the American Physical Society.  He is currently pursuing his PhD in physical chemistry at Northwestern University. 

Faculty and Staff

Photo of Chuck Adler

Chuck Adler
Professor & Chair
Office: Schaefer 240
Phone Number: (240) 895-4343

Photo of Erin De Pree

Erin De Pree
Associate Professor
Office: Schaefer 230
Phone Number: (240) 895-2058
Personal Website

Photo of Josh Grossman

Josh Grossman
Associate Professor (on sabbatical Fall 2013 - Spring 2014)
Office: Schaefer 163 (lab)
Phone Number: (240) 895-4367
Personal Website

Photo of Michelle Milne

Michelle Milne
Assistant Professor
Office: Schaefer 237
Phone Number: (240) 895-4329

Photo of Katsunori Mita

Katsunori Mita
Office: Schaefer 238
Phone Number: (240) 895-4349

Photo of Ted Tao

Ted Tao
Visiting Assistant Professor
Office: Schaefer 242

Photo of Rachel Courtney

Rachel Courtney
Physics Laboratory Coordinator
Office: Schaefer 151B
Phone Number: (240) 895-4102

Photo of Susan Mazuc

Susan Mazuc
Schaefer Hall Office Associate
Office: Schaefer 236
Phone Number: (240) 895-4362

Photo of Frances Titus

Frances Titus
Schaefer Hall Fiscal Associate
Office: Schaefer 234
Phone Number: (240) 895-3332