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Libby Nutt Williams

Dr. Libby Nutt Williams

Dr. Libby Williams has been elected the 2013 Woman of the Year for the Section for the Advancement of Women (SAW) of the Society of Counseling Psychology at the American Psychological Association. Congratulations, Libby!

Annual Colloquium - 2000
Women of Science/Science of Women

Sharon Wyrrick
artwork: Visiting Professor
St. Mary's College of Maryland

Artistic Director of Full Circle Dance Company in Sperryville, Virgina and Visiting Professor of movement and dance at St. Mary's College of Maryland, Sharon Wyrrick is a nationally acclaimed dancer, choreographer, stage director, and educator. Her current interest in the life and science of naturalist Barbara McClintock (1902-1992), an early pioneer in the field of genetics, has inspired a performance work-in-progress. "The McClintock Project," that examines issues of gender, art, science, and creativity. By collaborating with members of the scientific community in the development of her theatre piece, Ms. Wyrrick challenges the usual separation of art and science and suggests that both the artist and the scientist are engaged in creative processes.

In "Rare Ecstasy: Embodiment and Inquiry in the Work of Barbara McClintock," Sharon Wyrrick will discuss her work-in-progress, "The McClintock Project."

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