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Libby Nutt Williams

Dr. Libby Nutt Williams

Dr. Libby Williams has been elected the 2013 Woman of the Year for the Section for the Advancement of Women (SAW) of the Society of Counseling Psychology at the American Psychological Association. Congratulations, Libby!

Annual Colloquium - 2001
Revaluing the Family New Histories, New Visions

Linda Kauffman
University of Maryland, College Park

Professor of English at the University of Maryland, College Park, Dr. Kauffman has written extensively on contemporary feminism, fiction, art, film, and politics. Her most recent book, Bad Girls, and Sick Boys: Fantasies in Contemporary Art and Culture, has been praised by J.G. Ballard as "an exhilarating roller-coaster ride, a suburb cultural investigation" on contemporary art, cinema, and literature. A recipient of the Distinguished Scholar-Teacher Award for 2000-2001 from the University of Maryland, Dr. Kauffman will lend her special brand of wit to meditations on the family in popular culture.

In the first presentations of the colloquium on March 20th, she discussed "Family Values and the Body Politic" in the Academy award-winning film American Beauty and other films.

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