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Libby Nutt Williams

Dr. Libby Nutt Williams

Dr. Libby Williams has been elected the 2013 Woman of the Year for the Section for the Advancement of Women (SAW) of the Society of Counseling Psychology at the American Psychological Association. Congratulations, Libby!

Annual Colloquium - 2002
Hardware, Software, Wetware, and Women
A Colloquium on Women and Technology

Rachel P. Maines
artwork: Archivist/Technical Processing Assistant
Nestle Library
Cornell University

Rachel P. Maines is an independent scholar, collections archivist, and a technical processing assistant in the Nestle Library in Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration. Recipient of the American Historical Association's Herbert Feis Prize for her groundbreaking and provocative history of androcentric models of sexuality, The Technology of Orgasm:'Hysteria', the Vibrator, and Women's Sexual Satisfaction and author of numerous articles and reviews, Maines' feminist scholarship has been hailed as "exquisitely referenced" (Library Journal) and "thorough, original, and surprising" (Susan Boxer, New York Times Book Review). Maines' work has been reviewed by national as well as international publications.

In "Medicine, Technology, and the Androcentric Model of Sexuality," Maines will address the history of heterosexual coitus as a normative model in medicine and the pathologizing of other expressions of woman's sexuality, including the uses of devices to treat these supposed "pathologies." She will also address the current implications of the double standard regarding the androcentric model (e.g., there are eight states which laws against the sale of vibrators and/or dildos, but no states with laws against the sale of Viagra.)

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