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Associate Director of Institutional Research
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Ross P. Conover
Research Analyst
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St. Mary's College of Maryland
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Common Data Set

The Common Data Set (CDS) is an annual report compiled by the Office of Institutional Research and Reporting. While the report has changed over time, below is an outline of what information can be found in the CDS based on the most recent reporting (2011-2012). Click on the year below to view or download information corresponding to that year.

*The Common Data Set was not completed for the 2004-05 year or 2003-04 year.

CDS Outline from 2011-12 Data

TAB A. General Information

  1. Address Information
  2. Source of institutional control
  3. Classification of undergraduate institution
  4. Academic year calendar
  5. Degrees offered

TAB B. Enrollment and Persistence

  1. Enrollment by gender and status (full-time and part-time)
  2. Enrollment by racial/ethnic category (first-year, degree-seeking, and all students)
  3. Persistence (Degrees awarded)
  4. Graduation rates of the cohort entering the school six years ago (i.e., Fall 2006 for the Fall 2011-2012 report)
  5. Retention rates

TAB C. First-Time, First-Year (Freshman) Admission

  1. Applications by gender
  2. Freshman wait-listed students
  3. Admission requirements
  4. Basis for selection
  5. Freshman profile
  6. Admission policies
  7. Early decision

TAB D. Transfer Admission

  1. Applied, admitted and enrolled
  2. Application for admission
  3. Transfer credit policies

TAB E. Academic Offerings and Policies

  1. Special study options
  2. Areas of required coursework before graduation

TAB F. Student Life

  1. Out-of-state, fraternities/sororities, on-/off-campus, over age 25, and average age (first-year and all students)
  2. Activities offered
  3. ROTC
  4. Housing offered

TAB G. Annual Expenses

  1. Typical full-time tuition, fees, room and board
  2. Estimated expenses
  3. Per-credit hour tuition

TAB H. Financial Aid

  1. Amount, both need- and non-need-based, in scholarships, self-help, and other
  2. Number of students awarded need-based aid (first-year, full-time, and part-time)
  3. Number of students awarded non-need-based aid (first-year, full-time, and part-time)
  4. Student/Parent loans
  5. Aid to undergraduate degree-seeking nonresident aliens
  6. Process for first-year students
  7. Types of aid available
  8. Criteria for awarding institutional aid

TAB I. Instructional Faculty and Class Size

  1. Number of faculty including splits on minority status, gender, nonresident aliens, and degree held
  2. Student to faculty ratio
  3. Class size by section and subsection

TAB J. Degrees Conferred