Polar Bear Plunge

Polar Bear Plunge


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Margarent Brent Relocation

Maryland Heritage Interpretive Center (HSMC)


Project Description:

This project will construct an interpretive center that will serve as the gateway to the Historic St. Mary's City site.  The interpretive center will be a 12,300 GSF building that will provide exhibit space and theater space for viewing an introductory film for visitors.  The Maryland Heritage Interpretive Center will also provide space for gatherings and evening events.

This project is proposed to be adjacent to the new Anne Arundel Hall which will include College academic programs and HSMC’s archaeology curation facilities.  Timing for construction of the Interpretive Center is to be determined.

To view the schematic design of the Anne Arundel Hall / Maryland Heritage Interpretive Center please click here.

Dan Branigan
Director of Design and Construction