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Submerged Aquatic Vegitation

Students and Faculty work closely together on the St. Mary's River Project to increase the population of S.A.V.


Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Spotlight

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Christopher E. Tanner

Photo of Christopher E. Tanner

Departments: Department of Biology
Office: Schaefer Hall, Room 214
Phone: (240) 895-4374


B.A. (Honors) in Biology, Occidental College; Ph.D. in Marine Botany, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Curriculum Vitae

Courses Taught:

  • Principles of Biology II
  • Chesapeake Bay Science
  • Marine and Estuarine Botany
  • Ecology of Coastal Systems
  • Tropical Biology
  • St. Mary's Project

Research Interests:

  • Developing methods for culturing seagrasses with the goal of providing plants for seagrass restoration.
  • Habitat requirements of seagrasses. What factors influence the survival and growth of particular species?
  • Disease resistance in seagrasses. We are studying how environmental factors influence seagrass disease resistance to the wasting disease pathogen, Labyrinthula
  • Water quality of the lower Potomac watershed and estuary. I’m the co-director (with Bob Paul) of the St. Mary’s River Project