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Thursday, July 20

We are currently launching a new homepage and megamenu for the college. If this page looks broken to you, please clear your cache so you can enjoy our new look!

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What's a public honors college?

Rigorous academics, personal fulfillment, a private liberal arts education at the cost of a public college - that’s why you come to a school like St. Mary’s College of Maryland

Your Education: More than a Major.

At St. Mary's College there are 75 programs to choose from - you can even make your own major.

Are you ready to be challenged?

Learn more about our rigorous honors curriculum.

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Are you ready to succeed?

Read stories about how our liberal arts curriculum has created well-rounded alumni ready to succeed.

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Jacob Traver '18

Majors: TFMS, English
Minors: educational studies, dance

"All my life my family and I have moved around the country and I never had a place to call home until St. Mary's College of Maryland"

Meet Our Students

Brandon Scott '06

Baltimore City Councilman
MAJOR: Political Science

"A St. Mary’s education prepares you to be able to take on the challenges of life from a global standpoint, which is more important now than ever before."

Hear Our Alumni Stories

Dr. Katie Gantz

Professor of French

"I've found St. Mary's to be a place where students are given the chance to explore complex ideas, take risks, and ultimately find real meaning in the subject matter they're most passionate about."

Read About Our Accomplished
Faculty and Staff
of students study abroad.
student to teacher ratio.
of graduates are currently employed or pursuing graduate studies.
acres of waterfront campus!

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Our Location

Less than 2.5 hours from Washington D.C., Baltimore, and Richmond, we are located in St. Mary’s County adjacent to the historic site of St. Mary’s City (1634), the original capital of Maryland and the fourth oldest permanent settlement in British North America.