The economics major is structured to assist students in gaining a systematic introduction to the theoretical and empirical techniques of economics. The major also provides the opportunity to study economics as a social science and to discover the interrelationships which economics has with other disciplines.

The program in economics begins with a core of theory and then proceeds to study the application of economic theory to issues of public and social policy. The goal of the major is to provide students with a rational basis for understanding and evaluating the operation of American and other economies and to assist them in the formation of intelligent, informed, and critical judgments on relevant issues of public and private concern.

A major in economics provides the introductory stage for those interested in graduate work in economics or business. It also offers a suitable basis for careers in law, journalism, teaching, government and international agencies, business firms, and public service.

Members of the economics faculty will advise each student on the composition of an appropriate program, given the individual's interests and objectives. Any student considering a major in economics is urged to consult with a member of the economics faculty as early as possible.