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This book examines the entrepreneurial class in the post-communist Poland from a broad historical perspective, documenting the persistent endurance and the development of this class during radical social change from a controlled economy to a market economy.


Student Spotlight

Nia Brade

Nia Brade was appointed to serve on the Maryland Youth Advisory Council.


Helen Daugherty

Helen Daugherty

An ideal introduction to the study of population, this highly accessible textbook outlines the fundamental concepts and measurement techniques of demography.



Sociology is the study of group life. Sociologists investigate the structure of groups, organization, and society. The goal is to understand the characteristics, causes and consequences of human behavior and social relationships in various kinds of groups and settings. Because human behavior is diverse, the field of sociology covers a diversity of subjects. For more information the subjects covered at SMCM, please click here.

Homelessness in Our Region - a talk by Lanny Lancaster