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Political Science Department

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 The Political Science Faculty 
(L-R) Diana Boros, Todd Eberly, Michael Cain, Shan Sappleton, Susan Grogan, 
Walter Hill, Kate Martin, Matt Fehrs, Sahar Shafqat  (Not Featured are Danielle Carter and Antonio Ugues Jr.)

Photo by Sandy Robbins

Political Science at St. Mary's College

The program for the political science major has two dimensions. In the first place it seeks to have students gain knowledge about the political world on a comprehensive basis; that is, to see the political world as one extending from human relations in small groups all the way to the stage of international politics.

In the second place, the political science program assists students in coming to understand the relevance of politics and its place in the fully human life. The student majoring in political science must gain some knowledge of the facts of politics, but, more importantly, the major must come to grips with the theoretical issues involved in knowing about politics as well as those involved in shaping political life itself. Within the major program students progress from fact to theory to application of theory.

Courses are offered in the four principal subfields of political science: namely, American politics, comparative politics, international politics, and political theory. Students graduating with a political science major would be prepared to continue with graduate study in political science or to pursue professional training in law, journalism, or public administration. Alternatively, a student would be prepared to pursue a career in journalism, business, government, education, or public interest groups.

A student who chooses to major in political science should select an adviser from the political science faculty and, in conjunction with the adviser, plan a program that is appropriate to the needs and objectives of the student. The adviser should be selected no later than the beginning of the junior year.