To the Point – Student Handbook

Dear Students,

Welcome to the 2014-15 academic year at St. Mary’s College. There are inherent challenges when living in a diverse community, but the benefits that come with diversity are profound. As an academic community, St. Mary’s College of Maryland has developed parameters for conduct based on our hopes and aspirations for the type of living and learning environment we all expect. To the Point, the student handbook, provides you with all the resources, policies and procedures that you will need throughout your time here. I encourage you to read through To the Point so you are aware of both your rights as a student as well as your responsibilities as a member of this community.

We expect St. Mary’s College to be characterized as a community where we take care of each other. To achieve this kind of community, it requires each of us to understand how our behavior and decisions can contribute to or diminish our experience and the experience of those around us. You will find that there are a wide variety of resources that help to ensure each member of our community is successful in reaching their goals. Take the time to look out for your friends and classmates and utilize the many resources available to all students, no matter how small or significant the challenge may be.

Lastly, I encourage you to explore. Our strong liberal arts curriculum, engaging student life, and incredible location combine to provide countless opportunities for your involvement in our community. Get involved with your passions and test out new experiences both inside and outside of the classroom. The energy and creativity that our students bring to campus is essential to the St. Mary’s experience. I look forward to see how you will impact this campus for the better.

Have a safe and successful year.


Leonard Brown, Jr.
Dean of Students