Faculty Spotlight

Prof. Laine Doggett

Winner of the Southeastern Medieval Association’s Best First Book Prize, Love Cures: Healing and Love Magic in Old French Romance, by Associate Professor of French Laine Doggett, links contemporary pop culture images of love potions and magical maidens to the medical and magical practices of the high middle ages.


Faculty Spotlight

Students on SMP Presentation Day

Professor Joanna Bartow's 2005 book on testimonial writing, works of fiction, and critical theory was published by the University of North Carolina Series in Romance Languages and Literatures.



Elizabeth Applegate, Assistant Professor of French (2011)
Office: Cobb 5c
Telephone: x2235
Email: ejapplegate@smcm.edu

José Ballesteros, Associate Professor of Spanish (2002)
Office: Cobb 8
Telephone: x2110
Email: jrballesteros@smcm.edu

Joanna Bartow, Associate Professor of Spanish (2001)
Office: Cobb 1
Telephone: x4421
Email: jrbartow@smcm.edu

Leslie Bayers, Associate Professor of Spanish (2006)
Office: Cobb 4
Telephone: x4481
Email: lbayers@smcm.edu

Yu Min (Claire) Chen, Assistant Professor of Chinese and Asian Studies (2013)
Office: Cobb 10
Telephone: x2111
Email: ychen2@smcm.edu

Laine Doggett, Associate Professor of French (2003)
Office: Cobb 3
Telephone: x4514
Email: ledoggett@smcm.edu

Jingqi Fu, Professor of Chinese (1995)
Office: Cobb 7
Telephone: x2009
Email: jfu@smcm.edu

Katherine Gantz, Department Chair, Associate Professor of French (2005)
Office: Cobb 5a
Telephone: x4491
Email: klgantz@smcm.edu

Anne Leblans, Associate Professor of German (1987)
Office: Cobb 6
Telephone: x2010
Email: apleblans@smcm.edu

Richard Möller, Instructor of German (2013)
Office: ARC
Telephone: x4350
Email: rmoller@smcm.edu

María Magdalena Olivares, Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish (2012)
Office: Cobb 5b
Telephone: x4232
Email: mmolivareshenriquez@smcm.edu

Jorge R. Rogachevsky, Professor of Spanish (1987)
Office: Cobb 2
Telephone: x4423
Email: jrrogachevsky@smcm.edu

Israel Ruiz Cumba, Associate Professor of Spanish (1992)
On sabbatical academic year 2013-14
Email: iruiz@smcm.edu

Femi Ojo-Ade, Professor Emeritus of French (1990)
Email: fojoade@smcm.edu

Jacqueline M. Paskow , Professor Emerita of French and German (1981)
Email: jmpaskow@smcm.edu