Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

  • ACS Mtg Dallas

    Fruits of their Labor

    St. Mary’s College Chemistry and Biochemistry majors present their work to an international audience

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  • Streu Research

    Prof. Craig Streu Nets $55,000 Research Grant

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    Stay Connected

    Alumni of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry are doing great things around the country (and around the world). Click on the map for more information.

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    REU Summer Internships

    Students excel through the Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program.

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  • Chemistry & Biochemistry department

    Meet the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department

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Small classes, extensive one-on-one interactions and great undergraduate research opportunities allow the St. Mary’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry to offer an outstanding education to students.

The department has a challenging curriculum which provides students with the tools to succeed, and the department’s accomplished faculty are always available to nurture them along the way. St. Mary’s offer degrees in biochemistry and chemistry, with an American Chemical Society (ACS) certified track in chemistry.