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Passion Flower by Liz Black

. . . that fresh or dried leaves of Passiflora incarnata, or the Passion Flower, can be used to treat insomnia.

Drawing by Emiliy Bzdyk '08

St. Mary's Project Spotlight

Native Plants

Emily Bzdyk's SMP includes an identification and information guide for the native Maryland plants found along the Key Swamp Trail in Historic St. Mary's City. Uniting her passions for biology and art, Emily helps visitors learn more about the identifying characteristics of indigenous plants as well as how they were important in a historical context.


St. Mary's Projects

The Environmental Studies program, while it does not require students to complete a St. Mary's Project (SMP), encourages students to do so. With the guidance of a faculty mentor affiliated with Environmental Studies, the student designs their project. The project serves as a senior capstone experience through which students can deeply explore an environmental topic of their choosing.

If you are interested in more details concerning the Environmental Studies SMP, please contact Kate Chandler at krchandler@smcm.edu.

Selected environmental SMP's are listed below.

Ethnographic Fiction: The Gandoca Story
Adam Peterson
An SMP in Anthropology and Environmental Studies

The Consumer's Guide to Opting Out
Meredith Epstein
An SMP in Environmental Studies

Island Living: An Exploration of Kent Island Community
A Collection of Essays by Alexis Pogonowski
An SMP in English and Environmental Studies

A St. Mary's County Almanac
Essays by Dana Christianson
An SMP in English, Philosophy, and Environmental Studies

Native Plants of Historic St. Mary's City
Emily Byzdk
An SMP in Biology and Environmental Studies

“Ballast Water Regulation: a Critique of the National Invasive Species Act of 1996” - Elizabeth Thompson (2006)

"Bringing Global Warming out of the Clouds, Down to Earth and Into Our Parlors: A Rhetorical Analysis of the Climate Protection Movement and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change" – Shane Hall (2009)

“The Chesapeake Bay: Restoration Politics and Policies” – Chris Rodkey (2010)

“Comparison of Isolated Soil Bacteria and Nematode Intestinal Bacteria from an Organic Farm” – Emma Prasher (2009)

“Comparison of the Biodiversity of Two Tributaries of the St. Mary's River” - Gabriella Zabel (2008)

“Conservation Education Resource on Coral Reef Ecology” - Megan Simmers (2004)

“An Economic Analysis of Oyster Aquaculture on the Patuxent River” – David Farkas (2010)

“Ecotourism and Sustainable Development” - Jessica Everett (2008)

“The Effects of Physical Activity and Yoga on Perceived Stress and Health” – Julie Gunther (2010)

“Growth Dynamics in Two Nesting Populations of Osprey in Baja California Sur, Mexico” – Elizabeth Becker (2009)

“Imperviousness and the Chesapeake Bay: An Environmental and Literary Examination of Urban Sprawl” - Kathleen Perry (2007)

“The Landfill Efficiency: Tackling Environmental and Societal Impacts” – Kara Benton (2010)

“Modeling the Effects of Urban Sprawl on the Northern Harrier and the Peregrine Falcon” - Crystal Nesmith  (2005)

“Nesting Site Selection of the Diamondback Terrapin in the St. Mary's River” - Benjamin Carr  (2004)

“Parachuting in the Strawberry Poison Dart Frog, Dendrobates Pumilio” - Rachel Clement (2008)

“Relationship between Water Quality and Waterbird Community Integrity on the St. Mary’s River” - Douglas Decker (2008)

“Seeds for Growing Green Schools: An Environmental Education Guide” – Katherine Nelson (2009)

“Smart Growth in Southern Maryland: Protecting and Preserving a Living Resource”  - Mary Ichniowski  (2006)

“SMCM Carbon Footprint” - Jeffrey Stillwell (2008)

“Succession and Restoration of the New Townhouse Pond” - Matthew Laskin  (2005)

“Sustainable Community Development in Nicaragua: A Case Study on the Foundation for Sustainable Development” – Claire O’Donnell (2010)

“Using a Mathematical Model to Describe and Predict the Population of Blue Crabs (Callinectes sapidus) in the Chesapeake Bay” - Rebecca Lyzinski (2008)

“A Vegetation Analysis of Chancellor’s Point, Historic St. Mary’s City” – Brian Csernak (2009)

“The Zen of Farming” – Peter Manrodt (2010)



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