What We Do

Our goal is to guide your student through the career development process. This includes self assessment, exploration of careers, deciding on a major or career path, and developing the skills and knowledge to be successful. Check out our 4 year time-line for students here!

Please encourage your student to take the assessment and meet with us to discuss their major and career opptions.

What You Can Do

  • Encourage your student to visit the Career Center

  • Point out strengths they may not recognize in themselves

  • Ask what they need from you and how you can best support them

  • Encourage them become involved in campus organizations, athletics, or research with faculty

  • Encourage them to find summer internships, jobs and volunteer opportunities in their field of study 

  • This is their decision, support them and know when to step in and when to step aside

  • We are happy to speak with you about any questions related to career development

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