Global Ambassador
Office of International Education

Name of Primary Hiring Contact:  Mandy Reinig
Title of Hiring Contact:  Director of International Education
Phone: 240-895-4202

Responsibilities student would be given, and benefits student would accrue through participation:

The student will enhance their presentation skills as well as learn how to create effective presentations to fit their audience. This may include developing their skills with PowerPoint and/or expanding to other mediums such as Prezi.

They will also learn organization, programming, and event planning skills since they will be responsible for arranging a variety of outreach efforts such as presentations and other activities to interest students in thinking about studying abroad through St. Mary’s College.  Marketing will be an important part of this job as well since the selected candidate will need to recruit an audience for their events.  The Global Ambassador will learn/enhance a variety of marketing techniques including publication design, advertising, and more. 

The selected student will not only provide information about the various study abroad opportunities that the college offers but also information on how to budget for a study abroad program, scholarship opportunities, and information on living and studying in another country.  The information and presentations provided by the Global Ambassador will be delivered in consultation with the Director of International Education to ensure accuracy of the materials as well as access to resources.

The Global Ambassador will serve as the social media contact for the Office of International Education and provide information via our social media channels, Facebook and Pinterest primarily, to students and others as a means of encouraging students to think about studying abroad as well as provide information about the events and activities happening throughout the year in the Office of International Education.  They will be responsible for developing a social media calendar and generating interest increased interest in our social media platforms.

The student will learn advising skills by providing one-on-one peer advising to interested study abroad students.  This will include learning how to research program information and provide timely information directly to students. 

The Global Ambassador will be able to use these above projects and their time in the Office of International Education to determine if maybe a career in international education might be right for them.  They will have regular contact with the Director of International Education to develop a deep mentoring relationship as well as learn more about the international education field.

Qualifications and unique application instructions:

The Global Ambassador must have a passion for study abroad and strong communication skills, both oral and written.  He or she must be conscientious, organized, and able to work both independently and within a team structure.  They must also be willing to work in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment. Basic skills with MS Word, Excel and Facebook and Pinterest are necessary.  Having studied abroad for a semester or study tour is a must.