Institutional Research & Reporting Fellow
Institutional Research & Reporting

Name of primary hiring contact:  Elizabeth Clune-Kneuer    
Title of hiring contact:  Associate Director of Institutional Research 
Phone: x4274

Responsibilities and benefits to the student:

The Institutional Research and Reporting Fellow would serve as an assistant to the associate director of Institutional Research and research analyst (Elizabeth Clune-Kneuer and Ross Conover) and the assistant vice president for academic administration (Mark Heidrich).  The Fellow will work with the Institutional Research & Reporting office to develop alternative ways to communicate information effectively to the campus community in an effort to increase transparency and accessibility of data that is housed within the office.  Additionally, a primary responsibility for the Fellow would be to assist with the creation of content, additional dashboards, and other methods of distribution of information for public consumption and accreditation preparation both within Campus Labs, the IR web site, and the Portal therefore assisting the student in developing additional skills in one of the four fundamental liberal arts skills: written expression. 

The Fellow  would also gain additional exposure to survey research through being responsible in assisting with the senior exit and alumni survey processes (in addition to other surveys if applicable), which are annual surveys housed in the IR office.  Over the 2013-14 academic year, the IR office will complete a redesign of both of these sets of surveys and this fellow will assist with the redesign process of programming of the surveys into the Campus Labs software package, IRB applications, and testing before distribution. 

The student will be able to further their liberal arts skills through integrating classroom and professional experiences.  They will be able to obtain additional advanced technical skills through using web based software,
such as Campus Labs and Cascade that would be greatly valued in any field.  Additionally, the student will gain exposure to working with an IR/ OIT collaboration of the process of constructing a data warehouse.  This position would also enable the student to gain additional experience in two of the four fundamental liberal arts skills critical thinking and information literacy through data manipulation as well as taking data and providing usable information.  As the Institutional Research & Reporting office supports a variety of offices within the campus community, the Fellow would have exposure to working with a variety of campus constituents from students to faculty and staff. A student in this position would also be able to gain exposure to how many different areas rely on information for decision making. 

Additional projects can include (but are not limited to) assisting with the continued development of the IR & Consumer Information web sites to continue to help the IR office distribute additional information to the campus community in an online format increasing access and transparency to information contained in the office for information based decision making. 

Exact projects can be tailored to the student’s experience and interests.  There would be opportunities for the intern to learn more about other projects that the institutional research and academic administration staff work with, providing other perspectives on the institution and how it effectively functions.  As the office is rather small and works collaboratively, the student would be an important perspective in the presentation of information and data to the campus community.  All skills further developed within this fellowship would be valuable and marketable as the student increases their practical knowledge base and professional experience in preparation for graduation and potential graduate school or potential employment. 

Qualifications and unique application instructions:

The student should be dependable, detail-oriented, and able to work independently and as a team.  The ideal candidate for this position would be very comfortable with analytical and quantitative skills.  Experience with web design and other web based software is also greatly desired.