Instructional Media Fellow

Name of primary hiring contact:  Veronica Arellano Douglas
Title of hiring contact:  Reference and Instruction Librarian
Phone: (240) 895-4265

Responsibilities and benefits to the student:

The Instructional Media Fellow will work with the library’s reference and instruction team to develop “The SMCM Library in 60 Seconds,” a series of short instructional video modules that promote library services and resources, and teach students basic information literacy concepts. This fellowship experience is designed to give a student interested in educational video and tutorial production an opportunity to build a professional portfolio of work that can be shared with future employers or on applications to graduate programs in the arts, educational technology, or library science. All videos produced will be featured online through the library’s website and YouTube channel and will likely be used by the reference and instruction librarians as supplemental instructional material for students in the First Year Seminar as well as other classes with a substantial library research or information literacy component. Students interested in educational technology, instructional design, video production, advertising, librarianship, or information literacy would benefit from this experience.

The reference and instruction librarians will develop themes and advise on the content of these videos, but the fellow will be responsible for the scripting and creation of these promotional and instructional videos. The fellow’s input will be crucial to determining which library services and resources can best be highlighted by promotional videos and to identify common research pitfalls that can be remedied by the creation of short how-to videos. The fellow will be given creative license to develop the means to convey content in order to create instructional videos that are informative, yet also fun, entertaining, and relevant to college students. All filming, editing, and screencasting will be the responsibility of the fellow. Therefore, the fellow will need to collaborate with “clients” (the librarians) to develop videos that meet their needs as well as the needs of the intended audience: St. Mary’s students. This relationship will mirror the work that is often done by media content creators in various fields (advertising, public relations, etc.) who work within a client-based and user-centered framework.

Qualifications and unique application instructions:

To be successful in this position, the student must be able to collaborate and communicate effectively with the librarians and Media Center staff. Our ideal fellow would be a creative student who is dependable, organized, able to work independently (with feedback, of course), and comfortable working with deadlines and goals. Experience with instructional design, tutorial creation and video production would be a definite plus, as would familiarity with Final Cut, InMotion, iShowU, and Photoshop software; however a student with an aptitude for learning new technology and a willingness to learn video production software and techniques would do well in this position. Ideally, the Instructional Media Fellow would be familiar with the library and its resources, possess basic information literacy skills, and be excited about libraries, but any student who is creative, motivated and interested in learning more about the library would be a good fit for us.