Social Media and Advertising Assistant for Educational studies
Educational Studies

Name of Primary Hiring Contact: April Ryan
Title of Hiring Contact:  Education Facilitator
Phone: X 4266

Responsibilities student would be given, and benefits student:

Responsibilities of the Social Media and Advertising Assistant for Educational Studies

  1. Development of a marketing plan that extends our work with Admissions on a brochure
  2. Maintenance of MAT Facebook page and extension of activities into twitter and other social media as appropriate
  3. Maintenance of various departmental bulletin boards
  4. Creation of advertising materials and posters
  5. Creation of battery of video interviews with alums to be used in recruitment and advertizing
  6. Maintenance of department website and wiki, as well as some data base content
  7. Maintain/ update department website and wiki

Benefits to the Social Medial and Advertising Assistant for Educational Studies

  1. Training in advertising and recruitment/outreach principles
  2. Increased technology skills with social media and the web to accomplish outreach goals
  3. Video production and editing skill development
  4. Training in new educational software applications
  5. Participation in on-going technology planning for a department
  6. Refinement and extension of the core liberal arts skills in writing, speaking, information technology, and critical thinking

Qualifications and unique application instructions:

  1. Effective writing and communication skills
  2. Knowledge of and skill in using various social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  3. Extensive use and skills in Office Suite of programs
  4. Experienced in video production a plus
  5. Organization
  6. Punctuality
  7. Ability to self-direct through life of a project
  8. Preferably a sophomore or junior who can return the following year; ideally the candidate will have an interest in a career in education in order to best help focus the advertising efforts in ways that are appealing to future educators.