Students wishing to obtain teacher certification may major in any field for which they have a passion and take courses as electives that are pre-requisites for our one-year, accelerated Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree. Students will earn a Bachelor’s Arts degree in their major during undergrad and a Master’s of Arts in Teaching degree upon completion of the MAT program.

Certification programs exist for elementary certification in grades one through six, and secondary English, math, social studies, biology, chemistry, physics, and theater for grades seven through twelve. Art, music, and foreign language majors may also certify in their disciplines for grades preK-12. It is also possible for an individual to add certification in early childhood education to the elementary certificate. All of the teacher certification programs available through this MAT degree have full program approval from the Maryland State Department of Education and lead to reciprocity for certification in a majority of other states.

Application Process



To apply for the Masters of Arts in Teaching program review the following and submit all forms to the Director of Teacher Education, in the Department of Educational Studies.

MAT application process

Complete the MAT application form

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