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Elementary School Teachers

4 +1 Degree Prerequisites (early childhood & grades 1-6)

Elementary level teachers can major in any field, however the following courses must be taken before the beginning of the program, and are available at SMCM every semester.

If you are a transfer student, check transfer acceptability with the Registrar’s Office. All of these courses must have been completed with a C or higher. Those applying with a AA or AAT degree will need to complete at least a year of foreign language- please contact the Director of Teacher Education for more information on this point.

Elementary Candidates (Grades 1-6 = EDEL)

  • Introduction to Psychology – PSYC 101
  • Child in America – EDUC 206
  • Language Acquisition and Phonemic Awareness – EDUC 296
  • Exceptionality – EDUC/PSYC 336
  • Educational Psychology – EDUC/PSYC 368
  • Infant and Child Development – PSYC 331
  • ESL Across the Curriculum – EDUC 394 or EDUC 491 (4cr)
  • 12 credits of math
  • 12 credits of science
  • 4 credits of American history (pre-1865) or government
  • Course work reflecting non-western perspectives (often taken routinely as part of the major)

Elementary With Early Childhood Education Candidates

Elementary candidates seeking additional credentials in Early Childhood Education will be required to take an additional methods course during the M.A.T. The scheduling of the course will depend upon the cohort needs, but will be offered during the program.


3+1 Degree Prerequisites (early childhood & grades 1-6)

4 or 5 on at least three of the following AP exams:

  • Biology,
  • Calculus
  • Chemistry,
  • Chinese Languages and Culture,
  • Computer Science,
  • English Literature and Composition,
  • Environmental Science, any Foreign Language exam,
  • Government and Politics: United States,
  • Music Theory,
  • Any Physics exam,
  • Psychology,
  • Statistics,
  • Any Studio Art,
  • United States History

OR at least 12 credits of community college from among the following:

  • Introduction to Psychology,
  • Infant & Child Development or Lifespan Development,
  • Any Math class (math classes designed for teaching are preferred),
  • Biological science with lab,
  • Physical science with lab, American history,
  • American government, any literature course,
  • Any course in the Arts,
  • Any Foreign Language,
  • Any course with a non-US, non-European focus

2+1 Degree Prerequisites (early childhood & grades 1-6)

40 credits distributed among the following:

  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Foreign Language proficiency
  • Lifespan Development or Infant & Child Development
  • 12 credits in Math (preferably in courses designed for prospective teachers)
  • 12 credits in Science (including a lab science, a biological science, & a physical science)
  • American History or American Government
  • a class in the Arts (music, art, theater)
  • a course with a non-US, non-European focus
  • Educational Psychology
  • Foundations of American Education or equivalent
  • Language Acquisition or Foundations of Reading
  • at least 2 credits of PE or 2 years on a college sports team