DeSousa-Brent Fellow
DeSousa-Brent Scholars Program

Name of primary hiring contact: Sybol Anderson
Title of hiring contact: Director, DeSousa-Brent Scholars Program, Assoc. Prof. of Philosophy
Phone: 240.895.4278

Responsibilities and benefits to the student:

In this high-energy position, the DeSousa-Brent Fellow works closely with the DeSousa-Brent Director to develop and promote academic, social, and career planning workshops for DeSousa-Brent (DB) Scholars; recruit Scholars for internship, scholarship, and career opportunities; support Scholars in coordinating leadership/service projects; maintain the DB web presence; coordinate special events; and assess and report the success of DB programming. In carrying out these duties, the Fellow functions as a liaison between DB faculty and staff, other College offices, and the DB Scholars. Specific tasks to be performed by the Fellow include:

Assisting the DB Director with development, scheduling, and promotion of workshops for sophomores, juniors, and seniors on topics such as choosing majors, managing time, achieving financial aid literacy, and preparing for graduate/professional school and careers. Serving as liaison with other campus offices (e.g., Career Development Center, Office of Admissions and Financial Aid) for the provision of workshops and materials.

Supporting DB faculty, peer mentors, and first-year Scholars in coordinating and implementing spring leadership projects (e.g., discussion forums, outreach to high school students). The Fellow serves a vital role in helping Scholars coordinate with Admissions, Student Development, and the SGA.

Managing the DB program’s web presence, including assisting in maintaining the DB website; supporting the DB Scholars’ blog Ensemble, and managing the program’s social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

Assisting the DB Director with organizing special events, such as research symposia, end-of semester celebrations, and initial planning for DB Summer Research Experience 2014 and DB Summer Bridge 2014.

Assisting with recruitment of 2014-15 peer mentors and the 2014-15 entering DeSousa-Brent class.

Assisting with creating, implementing, and analyzing assessment surveys to assess the quality, relevance, and student satisfaction with DB programming and communications.

Researching best practices for academic, social, and professionalization programming for underrepresented students.

In this position, the Fellow cultivates indispensable professional skills that increase employability:

Program coordination, organization, problem solving skills: Planning, staffing, and managing a variety of academic and social programs and assisting students in successfully implementing leadership projects.  

Technology skills: Utilizing and expanding web skills, including website, blog, and e-zine management. Developing skills in using social networking sites in professional contexts.

Oral communication, interpersonal, and networking skills: Enhancing skills and increasing confidence in giving presentations before small audiences; and communicating professionally with College staff, administrators, faculty, as well as with faculty in graduate and professional programs in other institutions.

Written communication skills: Preparing notices and publicity for DB workshops and events; maintaining website information and blog; preparing reports on best practices and on research and assessment data; maintaining professional correspondence with College staff, administrators, and faculty.

Research, information literacy, assessment, critical thinking, skills: Gathering and analyzing best practices information; conducting program assessments to evaluate the success of DB programming and to recommend program enhancements.

Additionally, the Fellow will deepen knowledge of graduate and professional admissions and financial aid.

Qualifications and unique application instructions:

The ideal candidate will:

  • Be a full-time resident student with strong academic standing (minimum GPA = 3.0).
  • Display a professional attitude and have strong organizational and critical skills, including the ability to manage multiple assignments effectively; locate, organize, and critically assess information; give attention to detail; and work well independently.
  • Have strong interpersonal skills and be enthusiastic about mobilizing resources, on and off campus, to support underrepresented students.
  • Be technologically savvy, having knowledge and experience with social networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Experience developing and maintaining websites and blogs is also desired.
  • Have strong written and oral communication skills, including being confortable with making presentations to small audiences.